Tree Advisory Committee

Thursday, September 10, 2020, 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm
Remote via Zoom
A meeting of the Tree Advisory Committee

Join Zoom Meeting:
Call in : 645 558 8656
Meeting ID: 968 8444 8170

1. Chair opens meeting
2. Minutes Reading / Approval Votes me taken
3. Repor t from recent Zoom meeting on tree plantings 15 min.
4. Does it make sense, under the circumstances, to remain a town
committee, or wo uld we be more effective as a volunteer
community group assisting the town? 10 minutes Votes me
5. Wood Bank Update Sean 10 min. Votes me taken
6. Communication with Tree Warden 10 minutes Votes me
7. Tree Bylaws next steps 10 minutes Votes me taken
8. Adding new Members (2 openings) Votes me taken
9. Items not ant icipated (if any) Votes me taken
10.Set next meeting 5 min Votes may be taken

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